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Aanii Beautiful Soul,

First and foremost YOU ARE HERE because your Soul led you it's time to trust where you are being guided...My name is Roxanne, I am a Luminary, Celestial Guide, Celestial+Generational Earth Shaman, Creator of The Illumination Retreat, Creator of Soullular™ Healing, Inspirational Speaker and Show Host of Soul to Soul with Roxanne.

Part of my Sacred Purpose is Guiding and Empowering Incredible Souls who are searching for further meaning and fulfillment in their lives, looking to embody who they really are by returning home to their Soul's Love. These seismic shifts happen at every intrinsic layer of their being from their emotional, intellectual, physiological, "Soullular" and energetic body which guides them to effectively heal as they elevate their vibrational frequency and align themselves to the life they Soulfully desire.

I have guided thousands of Souls to Heal, Love and Awaken so that they can come back to a place of enlightened love which has led them to experience a profound knowingness and sense of inner peace which naturally led them to elevate and align themselves to receive an overabundance in Love, Health, Wealth and Success all without holding onto all of their detrimental limiting beliefs, disconnection from their emotions and their Soul's guidance.

In aligning yourself with me, you will learn to trust yourself intuitively, instinctually, you will learn to heal your Mind, Body and Soul while loving yourself unconditionally as you begin to trust your Journey and where you are being Guided! 

YOU, YES, YOU!! You have an amazing light within you and it's time to let it shine brighter than ever! You are worthy, you are worth it and most of all you absolutely deserve it!
Ps. Your amazing life awaits you...xo
In Sacred Service of Love+Light





This Journey is all about Illuminating your Beautiful Soul's Luxuriance, while finding your inner sacred purpose and allowing your Light to shine with undeniable Power!
Illumination - Soul Mastery.png
This Journey offering will allow you to release the hurt that has been preventing you from connecting to your highest self!
Soullular Healing.png
This Journey offering is a one year mentorship in stepping into being a Conscious Luminary, Spiritual Leader or Celestial Guide!
Illumination - Soul Mastery (2).png
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